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New UN2

After the First Contact Battles, the United Nations assumed an unprecedented amount of power over their collective of member nations in the wake of human panic and disorder. The emergence of the global supergovernment was promoted under the guise that "in such trying times where mankind must face threats that threaten our very existence, we must unify as one people across our diverse collection of different ethnicities, cultures, religions, and genders." The UN supergovernment also took a hardline against non-UN member nations, decreeing that the act of any nation resisting membership is, in of itself, and active threat against human cooperation and a promotion of xenophobia. In many cases, these instances were settled with either military conflict or state suffocation through sanctions.

Along with the supergovernment, came the UN banking apparatus that secured elite financial institutions and corporations as singularly essential to all member nations. To secure ongoing financial cooperation and cash flow between "First World" and despotic entities, heavy information iron curtains against the free flow of information were set in place. This, perhaps, was the single most important instance that contributed to genocide and other forms of mass human pain and suffering. Any citizen or journalist criticizing despotic nations for crimes against humanity were immediately prosecuted, fined, and demonized by the UN supergovernment media fronts.

Naturally, the UN supergovernment set its sights on Nova Zion since Nova Zion adamantly resisted membership. Since Nova Zion proved to be too formidable in terms of military capabilities, the UN supergovernment pumped mass propaganda campaigns against Nova Zion, labeling the rogue nation a fascist state and an immediate threat to humanity. Oddly, after the First Contact Battles, the UN supergovernment denied or never mentioned any further instances of Prosecutor invasion and thus, gave no credit to Nova Zion for defeating invading Prosecutors. This fueled speculations that the UN supergovernment was systemically compromised by "self distructionist" ideology and was actively working to ensure that the Prosecutors would succeed in destroying mankind.

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