The Galactic Hierarchy


The Guillotine Prosecutor

Research into the intergalactic politics that lead into the attempts to exterminate mankind discovered unsettling hierarchies that all intelligent lifeforms fell under throughout the galaxy.

Level One Beings

Considered to be a “paragon being.” All other forms of intelligence are to look up to  Level One Beings. Level One Beings have special authorities over the rest of the galaxy and control containment and mobility for all other beings throughout the galaxy.

Level Two Beings

Considered to be a very admirable being. Some authority is given, but not all as they do not qualify as having exemplary qualities that Level One Beings posses. All Level One authorities supersede Level Two authorities.

Electric Chair

The Electric Chair Prosecutor

Level Three Beings

Considered to be passable, but deserving of limitations. Rules are in place to limit the movement of Level Three Beings throughout the galaxy. Rights and responsibilities are limited for the safety and security of the galaxy.

Level Four Beings

Considered to be a very dangerous and hostile being. Level Four Beings are to be contained on their mother planet for their own good and for the safety and security of the galaxy. No rights, authorities, nor privileges are allowed, except to individuals and if they are expressly given by Level One or Two Beings. 

Level Five Beings


The Cannon Prosecutor

Considered to be irredeemable and must be destroyed for the good of the galaxy. The threat of Level Five Beings achieving interplanetary space travel and infecting the galaxy like a disease is too great a risk to allow their existence. The destruction of Level Five Beings is regarded as a preemptive act of defense. Homo sapiens classify as Level Five. 

Human Reaction

The act of judgment element on the part of the invaders is what earned them the name “The Prosecutors,” who appear in the form of human execution devices and human weapons throughout history, many of which are the size of buildings. Apparently, mankind is seen as something so dangerous and evil, that humans are best eliminated than to continue to exist as a threat to neighboring species. This existential dilemma divided mankind between those that chose to fight in defiance of their judgment and those that chose to take a pacifist attitude toward their own destruction. The latter group received the label as “self-destructionist” and sprung hard Right Wing movements in response. At the “present moment” self-destructionalist elements are rumored to permeate the United Nations supergovernment that controls most of the countries of Earth. This helped spawn reactionary Right Wing separatist self-preservationalist movements on Earth and within satellite nations, where their movement acquired much control.

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