A New Form of Weaponry

The discovery of the exploit of the Prosecutors' weakness led to the development new and mystical 


The Gm7 Symphony Fighter

weaponry never before utilized by mankind. 

The sacrifice Devon Rubin led researchers to an unbelievable conclusion: The Prosecutors' weakness is music. Upon this conclusion, weaponry was perfected more and more to cause the most amount of damage toward The Prosecutors. This ended up in the form of giant battle mechs with instrument shaped weapons blasting laser infused sound. The more humanoid, representative, and ceremonious the technology was, the more it increased its effectiveness. This technology, both new and mysterious, was a clear merging of science and magic. While the slow moving bureaucracy and seemingly “self-destructionist” behavior of the United Nations hindered the production of such weaponry, other satellite nations were quick to adopt them as the only working defense against the always invading Prosecutors. 

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