The Rockhopper Bus

Regarded as "the Volkswagen bugs of space," the rockhopper's use as a space faring vessel predates the First Contact Battles (FCBs). Among the earliest and most popular space vessels, the rockhopper adequately served mankind for both consumer and industrial standard purposes. Originally developed by Caprice Industries, the FCBs disruption and the global patent disruption caused by the emergence of the new United Nations supergovernment, the patent for the rockhopper became defunct and fell to the freelancing innovators and entrepreneurs of space.


The Rockhopper Shuttle Bus

Nova Zion adopted the make of the rockhopper and developed their own for their own purposes as well as selling their productions of the rockhopper to both individuals and other satellite nations to fund Nova Zion's projects. Nova Zion succeed so well in marketing their versions of the rockhopper, that it is estimated that 56% of all rockhoppers used in space are produces from Nova Zion. This includes satellite nations within the UN, therefore, often the source of rockhopper purchases are kept off the books.


The Rockhopper Cruiser Class

Known for their speed, dependability, being easily modifiable, and for their practicality. Nova Zion's rockhoppers proved instrumental in assisting North Korea's branching into space and securing spacial real estate. The rockhopper was essential in both securing North Norea's space explorations as well as a precursor to the DPRK and Nova Zion's partnership.


The Rockhopper 2nd Generation Cruiser Class

Nova Zion modified the rockhopper for combat purposes and brought them into combat to provide a percussionistic firing sequence to assist the symphony fighter in battle against the Prosecutors.

In the series

In episode 2 of Symphony Fighters!, Gomez introduces Nova Zion's series of rockhoppers to North Korea for sale.

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