A Nation Alone and Vigilant

Nova Zion

Nova Zion

Scientists and researchers, weary of the stifling nature of the United Nations, opted to form a new satellite nation specifically for the development of symphony fighters. Nova Zion quickly drew attention from the United Nations both for its refusal to be acquired by the UN, and the unnerving power the lone nation holds. Heavily armed with nuclear weapons and one declassified symphony fighter, Nova Zion holds a, as many of the UN would deem “unjustifiable,” amount of bargaining chips on the world stage. Nova Zion strictly regards itself as a sovereign nation and seeks to only develop its interests to further protect mankind from The Prosecutors.

NZ small

The Flag of Nova Zion

NZ symbol

The Symbol of Nova Zion

Due to the levels of risk, firearms are strictly prohibited on Nova Zion. The police force resemble armored Japanese samurai with katana swords. Additionally, Nova Zion's detective and undercover policing and investigating is conducted by what resembles Japanese ninjas.                            

The Nova Zion Anthem

Nova Zion! Nova Zion!
Our starry home we pledge to thee!
To keep all of our people safe
From threats beyond what we can see
Nova Zion! Nova Zion!
We pledge to carry on the fight!
To protect all the innocent
Our one true guiding light!

Notes & Trivia

  • The CGI Nova Zion in the pilot episode is unique due to the fact that it was completely rebuilt from the ground up for the second episode. When Esteban Gunn tried using the first completed model, it was so big and taxing on his computer, that the frame rate in the modeler was at about a frame per 20 seconds. The new Nova Zion is much more smooth, due to the fact that it was built with a mind to maintain polygon counts. The Nova Zion used, in both old and new cases, is a fully completed model.
  • As a homage to the Metal Gear Solid series, Nova Zion looks similar to Mother Base. Additionally, "Nova Zion" loosely translates to "Outer Heaven."
  • The melody of the Nova Zion anthem is based on the melody from Babymetal's "Meta Taro."

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