The Visual representation of MAESTRO

The Ghost on the Throne Edit

"My understanding of 'right' and 'wrong' is based on 'probable' or 'improbable' it terms of the success of Nova Zion." - MAESTRO
Before the First Contact Battles and the Prosecutor calamity, much of the world's leading scientists formed their own ties and cooperative international communities outside of their own governments. Much of the reasoning for these new unions was to address and move forward in bettering mankind without the hindrance of bureaucracy nor short-sighted tribal politics. The conclusion that much of the international scientific community drew was that most of the bane on mankind was a human problem. And thus, the communities sought a form of leadership outside human consciousness. An A.I. consciousness that would be free from petty greed, jealousy, and human history to only make decisions based on what would be the most probable in achieving the best outcome for the most amount of people.  

Naturally, as world governments caught wind of the scientific communities workings, the project was shut down, and most of the scientists involved were executed for “treason” and “aiding and abetting our enemies.” If these scientific communities ever went by any name, perhaps all records of them have been wiped and are are only left in second-hand fleeting human memory. 

While both records and scientists were terminated, the software they were working on (as is always the nature of software) proved to be more difficult to extinguish. Nova Zion got a hold of the application “MAESTRO,” and currently uses it for much of their political and strategic decision making. It is difficult to know how much of Nova Zion's success is based on the decisions of MAESTRO or the decisions of Nova Zion's foggy wetware decision body, but one thing can be stated: The existence of MAESTRO is unknown to most of the citizens of Nova Zion and only those with the highest levels of security clearance are allowed to know about it – let alone converse with it. Additionally, the use of MAESTRO coincides with Nova Zion's application of “New Humanism.”

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