"I will give anything, including my own life, to stopping The Prosecutors. And anyone that stands in my way of achieving that goal is my enemy."


Gomez was born in space aboard an orbiting research and development community satellite. Originally female and with the name Veronica Gomez, she lost both her parents as well as all of her friends as a young woman during the First Contact Battles (FCBs). At the time of the FCBs, women were prohibited from enlisting as fighter pilots, thus, only men had the chance of engaging directly with The Prosecutors. Spending all the money she had (including additional funds on credit), Veronica paid for a state-of-the-art sexual transition procedure, complete with flesh replacement and bone augmentation. Afterwards, he lost the name "Veronica" and went strictly by "Gomez."

Gomez survived the outer space theater and later, after the discovery of The Prosecutors' weakness to music, drifted toward Nova Zion that had a first-and-foremost attitude and an "ask questions later" policy regarding procuring the means to dealing with The Prosecutors.

Gomez took up the mantle as the key "Campaigner" (Symphony Fighter Pilot) for Nova Zion, piloting the Gm7. Unfortunately, due to an injury from a battle with a Prosecutor, Gomez now walks with a limp and cane.

Behind the scenes

  • Gomez is played by the series creator Esteban Gunn. The name "Gomez" is also in his family tree.