Complexity in Conciousness

Further research into the politics of the galaxy discovered additional classifications for intelligence.

Organic Intelligence

Intelligence made out of biomaterial. Humans classify as Organic Intelligence. Organic Intelligences have the power to wield magic. 

Robotic Intelligence

Intelligence made out of machinery. Traditionally named “Artificial Intelligence” or “A.I..” Robotic Intelligences cannot wield magic. The term “Robotic Intelligence” is preferred due to offenses made by referring to Robotic Intelligences as “artificial.” 

Synthetic Intelligence

A mysterious form of intelligence that is neither Organic nor Robotic. Proposed to be the end result of Organic evolution and trans-synthesism. Commonly, individuals do not have reproductive organs and are often the most ancient forms of intelligent life in the galaxy. There are very few earthly names and descriptions for what Synthetic Intelligences are made out of. Synthetic Intelligences, like Organic Intelligences, can wield magic. The Prosecutors classify as Synthetic Intelligence. 

Spiritual Intelligence

Intelligence that is classified as phantoms, ghosts, spirits, and gods. Their power is unknown and infinitely mysterious.  

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