The Beginning of the Prosecutor Calamity 

Gm7 debris

The Gm7 in the debris field.

In the late 21st century, the human race became under attack by an intergalactic entity that sought to completely destroy all of mankind. The initial battles between the alien force and mankind took place outside earth in the form of space battles between the best fighter ships Earth had to offer and the alien force that were indiscernible from being identified from either ships or separate conscious entities. These initial battles were known as “the First Contact Battles” or the FCBs. The remnants of the FCBs now surround Earth in a thick debris field. 

Toward the end of the FCBs, it appeared that mankind was losing the fight and all hope for mankind was lost. One fighter pilot, Devon Rubin, flew into battle and, unlike the other fighters, fired his cannons at a specific rhythm against the invaders. His contact hits appeared to do a significantly higher amount of damage than any other fighter pilot. Rubin ended up not surviving the fight, but the incident caught the attention of the wartime authorities and analysts, and from there, a new method of engagement spawned and hope finally shined upon mankind as defense against the alien force moved forward.

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